Franchise: Your own Car Rental

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Franchise: Our Offer & Why

Established in 2019, Cebu Car Rental is despite of Corona and other circumstances a successful and fast growing business in Cebu City. Given the population and income structure in the Philippines we cater 75% to the local population and for 25% only to tourists and business people from other regions within the Philippines. The reason for it is the need of the local population to commute while not having the chance to own an own vehicle. High and above average earners own cars in their home place, they rent cars just on trips, business and vacations while the vast majority of the population has no chance to pay nor to finance a car even with monthly installments. These people have travel, transportation & mobility needs. These are exactly our customers and we serve them with newest cars at lowest possible rates.

For Franchisees we offer a complete business model. A business in a box model, offering Startup strategy, a complete concept, branding, social media marketing, your own website with booking facility and a unique possibility to grow your own fleet without the need of credits, approvals etc. Included is area protection (no other franchisee in your region / city), permanent consulting, accounting help, company formation assistance etc. Ask us! 

You! What you need to be or do!

It’s easy to start. All you need is time, a bit of start capital that doesn’t break the bank or at least 2-3 cars plus time and a Entrepreneur mindset! You should have some business or business ownership experience, maybe a degree in Marketing or Business administration or a mechanic etc. Sales / Marketing / Customer Service experience is always a plus. But all mentioned above, that’s not mandatory. Important is you are willing to succeed and to build up your own business that will give you and your future employees or co-working family members a stable income. Stop looking for jobs which don’t satisfy you or having the risk of being fired, loosing the job due to Corona or bankruptcy.

Simply think about the opportunities of a car rental business which is fail safe especially in a situation of quarantine. Unlimited growth potential. You can expand to many places and you don’t need a concept as we provide it all! Lets talk!