3 Marvelous Mountainside Destinations with Cebu Car Rental

Apr 20, 2024 | Cebu City Tour

Cebu Car Rental Mountain Trip

Lately, there’s been a lot of good news for travelers here in Cebu! Many restrictions have been lifted with more locals and tourists flocking to a lot of the usual sightseeing spots.

However, if you still want to stay on the safe side and would rather just plan for a brief, one-day trip out of town, then there are still a number of awesome establishments you can check out.

In fact, many of these mountainside spots are enjoying a resurgence of popularity and are all just a quick drive away. Here are just three of them!

1. Charlie’s Cup


Address: Transcentral Hi-way Sitio Inaad, Barangay, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Opening Hours: 8:30AM – 6:30PM Daily

A number of mountainside cafes have cropped up in many places along Cebu’s Transcentral Highway. If you know about them, then you most definitely have heard of Charlie’s Cup.

Don’t let the cute corgi mascot fool you though. The cafe is highly popular for both its refreshing scenery and its fresh takes on local breakfast delights. The cafe is primarily made up of two decks, each with an incredible view overlooking the green hillsides of Sudlon National Park.

Meanwhile, motorists come from all along the highway to have a cup of the cafe’s signature version of sikwate (a Cebuano chocolate drink) as well as champorado. So, whether you want to check out the place itself or just want to go somewhere relaxing on an early morning drive, Charlie’s Cup is highly recommended.

2. Sachiko’s Little Kyoto


Address: Babag 1, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Opening Hours: 3:00PM to 9:00PM Tuesdays to Sundays

Cebu has a surprisingly active fan community of all things Japan and this quaint establishment near Busay is the latest testament to that. Little Kyoto combines the features of a natural garden with several recreations of Japan’s famous landmarks.

These include a reclining Buddha, a path of torii gates and even its own Hachiko statue. And of course, it has a menu that is chock full of many Tokyo street food staples (such as bubble tea, karaage and taiyaki).

Since its opening, Little Kyoto’s garden attractions have made it a well-known spot for quick photoshoots (especially for many of Cebu’s resident geeks and cosplayers). So, if you planned to have some picture-taking during your driving trip, then this one cool place to check out!

3. Humba Heaven


Address: Busay 6000 Cebu

Opening Hours: 10AM to 9:30PM Daily

There is a chance that you may have already seen a Humba Heaven restaurant somewhere in Metro Cebu. However, those are simply branches of the original mountainside restaurant that you can still visit in Busay.

Its biggest draw is simple: this first restaurant has a great view and serves food with great presentation. Their menu is full of many local meat delicacies that are taken to the level of fine dining.

Whereas in most places, humba is prepared as a common canteen dish, the original Humba Heaven resto breathes new life into this traditional pork recipe and pairs it with a nigh unforgettable al fresco experience.

Side Note


Remember, all these places are just one drive away from the city center and are perfect for those brief, relaxing drives away from the post-quarantine bustle. They have also already made adjustments to keep themselves from being too crowded and still stay compliant.

So, if you have been itching to spend a day seeing sights or simply relaxing with a view, then grab a car rental and check these places out!

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