Cebu Car Rental Tips – Driving in Moalboal’s Wild Weather

Feb 22, 2024 | Moalboal

Moalboal Weather | Cebu Car Rental

Theoretically, you would think there is not much difference in the weather between Cebu and Moalboal. However, they can be experienced very differently. Understanding this can be very important, especially if you are driving out to Moalboal in a very nice rental.

Because no matter how much your car rental company takes care of things, nobody wants to accidentally dirty a nice set of wheels. It also feels discourteous to leave town in a sleek ride, but then come back and it’s all covered in dirt and rainspots.

The annoying thing is that these are a little unavoidable when out in Moalboal. Winds can be pretty strong in these coastal areas, meaning you could have a big rain cloud pouring on the roof in one moment but then it is nice, hot and dry in the next.

How do you protect your rental car for every eventuality? Here are some suggestions:

1. Get a car cover.

A decent car cover is a good all-around solution that is also fairly inexpensive. It will keep your car dry no matter what direction the rain comes from or when it happens. It can even be useful during times when you are forced to park by a puddly road, and there is a risk that someone passing by could splash muddy water all over.

One thing to keep in mind though is that your car cover should really be tight and secure. Winds in Moalboal can be surprisingly fierce, even on sunny days! Do your best to make sure nothing will cause the cover to fly off.

2. Be mindful of hanging fruit.

Parking spaces in Moalboal can be very makeshift, even if legal. Some even put you directly under a tree. And sometimes, those trees have fruits big and small.

Granted, many beach owners know well enough not to put their customers’ vehicles at risk. But if you really want to keep your rental from any unfortunate dents and scratches, try to avoid parking near trees. You never know when the wind might knock a few little pods off!

3. Refrain from driving after a heavy rain.

You can spend a whole day having fun in the sun, but then go to sleep to the sound of heavy rainfall at night. This is regular weather in Moalboal (and other parts of the Philippines). On the other hand, it also means that all those dirt roads you may have driven over the previous day are now slick and muddy.

Unless your itinerary really demands it, consider putting off the drive home until the roads have dried up just a bit. That way, you will not have to worry about putting your rental through a dirty, brown mess.

4. If things get stormy, then make emergency stops.

It goes without saying that one should really be mindful of the season when planning a trip to Moalboal. You obviously want to do it during summer months like March or May.

But of course, the weather is never 100% predictable and seeing dark clouds at the start of your trip is still a good reason to be cautious. If things are starting to pour and you can tell the wind is really picking up, then find a place to stop. Your rental could be a big SUV that can handle punishment, but there is nothing wrong with making sure it does not take too much punishment.

On a final note, the wild weather is not really something to worry too much about during Moalboal road trips. Many of the roads, towns and cities have come a long way in terms of development so you need not worry about things getting too crazy. Just make sure you take the necessary precautions, and learn to drive a bit more carefully when things call for it.

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